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3 Cost-Effective Ways To Revamp A Boring Frameless Bathroom Mirror

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Did your home come with a large frameless mirror in the bathroom? While the mirror itself should be adequate to serve its function, the lack of frame or border also means there is a lack of visual interest.

You don't need to rush out and spend big bucks on a new framed mirror. There are a few design tricks you can use to remodel your existing mirror to better match your décor scheme.

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is typically used to provide visual interest at the line where the walls meet the ceiling. But the lengths of moulding can also be used to create a new mirror frame.

You can purchase MDF or wood moulding segments for surprisingly cheap and most hardware stores will cut the segments to your size specifications. Then it is simply a matter of using a liquid adhesive to attach the moulding around the exterior of the mirror. If you plan to move the mirror at some point, adhere the moulding straight to the glass rather than to the glass and wall — but make sure the mirror is anchored well enough to carry the extra weight!

Want to add even more visual interest? Purchase decorative corner pieces of moulding and place those at each corner of the mirror between the straight segments.

Brass Corners

Want to add visual appeal around the outside of your frame without adding an entire heavy frame? Head to the hardware store and pick up some decorative brass corners. Look for corners that have a scalloped design for a particularly elegant look. You can also opt to spray paint the brass a different colour — even another metallic colour such as copper.

The corners will come with screws, but those aren't needed for this project. Instead, use a strong liquid adhesive to attach the brass pieces over each corner of the frame.

Love the look of your new metallic corners but still yearn for a design around the sides? Check the hardware store for faux nail strips, which mimic the look of the nailed strips that line many rustic furniture items.

The faux strip has a flat back that won't scratch your mirror or interfere with hanging. Simply cut the strips to length with a sharp knife then adhere to the edges with the adhesive.


Do you have a nautical or otherwise earth-toned design scheme? Consider using lengths of jute to create your frame. Jute is a natural fibre rope sold cheaply in a coil. The material is lighter and more flexible than traditional rope, which makes jute the better choice for this project.

There are several ways you can organize the jute for the frame. You can cut multiple lengths of jute to the size of one side of the mirror and then use liquid adhesive to attach those lengths to each other. Once the adhesive dries, you can then adhere the thick jute segment to the mirror.

You can also use adhesive and slimmer segments of jute to loosely frame the mirror as if the jute simply washed up around the mirror. Further this look by attaching small seashells to the jute, mirror or both.

If you have bigger plans for your bathroom than just changing the look of a mirror, consult with a contractor from a business like Gravelle Woodworking Limited in Burlington to come up with a bathroom renovation plan that fits your home's style.