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Let Your Cookware And Dinnerware Shine With A Kitchen Remodeling Project

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Giving your kitchen a new look without spending a lot of money can be easy when you focus on smaller projects at a time. With a newly-remodeled kitchen being one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, according to This Old House, it makes sense to look into affordable projects that can give your kitchen a new look and make the space more comfortable to cook in.

If you have a lot of cookware, dishes, and glasses that you love, there is no better way to take advantage of them then to give your kitchen cabinetry an upgrade so that they truly shine.

Replace Cabinet Doors with Glass Panels

If you want to show off the interior of the cabinets, it may be best to get the front panels of the cabinets removed. Once they have been taken off the hinges, you can cut out the center and replace it with a glass panel. This can help display all the items inside the cabinetry and can be done for a single cabinet or throughout your entire kitchen.

Consider Open-Shelved Cabinetry

Another way to expose your cookware and dinnerware is through removing the front of the cabinets altogether. With the doors removed and any hardware taken out, the kitchen cabinets are entirely open and become a great space for displaying all the contents in your kitchen. If you still want to hide some items, consider using open-shelved cabinetry for just a small space in the kitchen.

Refinish the Cabinetry to Enhance the Kitchen

If your kitchen cabinets are older or simply have not been well taken care of by the previous residents, consider refinishing the cabinets throughout the kitchen. Removing hardware, sanding away any imperfections, and repainting can do wonders at making your kitchen cabinets look like new.  

Get the Inside of the Cabinets Organized

Regardless of if you decide to get open shelved cabinets or use glass panels, you will want to improve the look of the inside of your kitchen cabinets. This means taking away food, drinks, and other clutter that could make your cabinets look unattractive. Only storing dinnerware and cookware can make a big difference in how the cabinetry looks and will also help keep them more organized after the remodeling project has finished.

Improving the appearance of your kitchen through a few simple projects can add some value to your home and make the kitchen look its best. By making some changes to the cabinets with your cookware and dinnerware in mind, you can take advantage of what you already have and make an improvement to your kitchen. 

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